Fundraising Projects

1. Ongoing Campaign – Overhead Patient Lifts – Target Goal: $390,000

We have 20 existing overhead lifts in Continuing Care and are looking to install 37 more which will complete service to 69 residents in Areas II and III. The residents in Continuing Care have very complex health issues and require lifts to assist with their transfers from place to place. Historically these transfers have been completed with the use of portable lifts. These lifts are costly to purchase and have a high incidence of breakdowns. Repairs to and replacement of lifts is also very costly.

Benefits of the ceiling lifts are:

  • Promotes clutter free environment – more room to safely complete transfer.
  • Self charging wall mounted battery that continuously recharges itself.
  • Weight capacity is 440 pounds with the option to use two motors which will double the lifting capacity.
  • Safety feature of the overhead lift is if the patient weighs greater than the equipment will lift, it will not lift the patient putting them at risk.
  • No wait time for residents as each room would have their own lift. Currently one lift services 14 – 15 residents often resulting in increased wait times for a lift.

 2. 2017 Current Campaign – X-ray Machine – Target Goal: $80,000

The portable x-ray machine is used if the main x-ray is down or if there is a need to go to the patient’s bedside when they are critically ill and/or are not able to be moved, for example, placement of the breathing tube in intubations, performing extremity exams such as arms and lower limbs for either the initial exam, during setting of the bone or the post reduction once the part if immobilized.  In these cases the patient might be under sedation, in poor condition or moving them would be more traumatic than bringing the portable to the patient.

Our current portable x-ray machine is a second hand unit that came to us when another facility upgraded many years ago. It has reached its life expectancy.