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Ceiling Lift Donation

The Rimbey Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion presented Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre with a $6,000 cheque to go towards an overhead ceiling lift with funds raised from their annual poppy fund.  Pictured are Legion members Wayne Dittrick, vice president, Lance Hannesson, president, and Joan Dittrick, member.  On the far right is Derek Keller, Area Manager for the Hospital.

Wishlist Donation
Portable X-Ray Machine Donation

On August 26th, in honor of the company’s First Anniversary and the Rock ‘n Rimbey event, Mike Herzog from True Way Tire presented a cheque for $300 from the day’s car wash proceeds and the Hot Dog Sales to the Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre.  This donation is being put towards the purchase of a portable x-ray machine one of our fund raising goals.  In the picture from left to right is Mike Herzog and representing the Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee, Brenda Denomme.

Sit and Stand Patient Lift

On February 5, 2016 the Winfield Lions Club presented the Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee with a cheque for $10,000 to be used for patient comfort enhancements at the Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre.  On hand for the presentation were from left to right, Brenda Denomme, Ellen Abbot and Janice Gill representing Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee and Dave Willows, Doug Goltz, Albert Brandl and Barry Clarkson from the Winfield Lions Club.

Acute Care patients at the Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre are getting a boost, following a generous donation from the Winfield Lions Club.  On February, 5th the club presented the Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee with a cheque for $10,000 which will go towards the purchase of new equipment for the hospital, including a Sit to Stand patient lift for Acute Care.  “Having a lift like this will help us safely move patients who have difficulty getting to a standing position under their own power” says Acute Care Unit Manager, Janice Gill.  “It will assist staff in transferring patients from a seated position to standing, without the need for staff to manually life the patient.  These lifts mare patient transfer safer and easier, for both our patients and our staff.  We’re very grateful for the generous donation from the Winfield Lions Club.”   Although there are detailed safety procedures for lifting or transferring a patient without a lift, manually lifting a patient to their feet can pose injury risks to both patient and staff alike, and can sometimes result in slips, falls and exertion injuries.  Unlike overhead patient lifts, the Sit to Stand lift is portable so can be used for more than one patient on the unit.  Since this lift can easily be maneuvered around the unit, it means manual patient transfers are greatly reduced.
For the Lion’s Club, whose motto is “We Serve,” giving back wasn’t a difficult decision.  “It’s a benefit to everyone”, says Barry Clarkson, president of the Winfield Lion’s Club.  “Lots of residents here use the Rimbey Hospital, and when we were approached about the opportunity to consider donating, it was a good fit with our club.”
The Rimbey Hospital provides care and services to resident in Rimbey and the surrounding areas, including those in Winfield, Alder Flats, Breton, Crestomere, Bentley and Eckville.

In addition to the purchase of the lift the donation was remainder of the donation was put towards a Medication Syringe Pump.  The syringe pump is used for pediatrics and dispenses miniature doses of medication.

Syringe Medication Pump

The Winfield Lions Club ($2,500) and the Rimbey Hospital Ladies Auxiliary ($1385) purchased a Medication Syringe Pump.  The syringe pump is used for pediatrics and dispenses miniature doses of medication.

LifePak 15

Hell on Hooves bull Riding – April 7, 2016

Proceeds from the Hell on Hooves Bullarama event held in Rimbey on April 7, 2016 raised 6,118.63.  Presenting the cheques is Curtis Sawyer (far left) and Jeff Sahi (far right) to  Derek Keller, Area Manager, and Janice Gill, Acute Care Unit Manager.  This donation was put toward the purchase of our Life Pak 15 for the Emergency Department.  The LifePak 15 is a vital piece of equipment in our Emergency Department which is used for traumas to monitoring vital signs and defibrillation.

Rimbey Royal Canadian Legion Branch #36

On May 4, 2017, the Rimbey Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 36 presented the Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre with a cheques for $6,500 for an overhead lift for Long Term Care.  In the picture from left to right is Kathy Maconochie, Care Manager; Barbara Patey, Lance Hannesson, Joan Dittrick, Wayne Dittrick, and Derek Keller, Area Manager.

Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Regulator and 2 cylinders

The Wilson family donated $1,100 for an Oxygen Regular with 2 cylinders for resident’s use in Continuing Care in memory of Herb Wilson.

Bistro Dining Tables and Elite Armchairs

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Rimbey Hospital & Care Centre donated $2,228.74 for these tables and chairs.  One table and two chairs sit at the end of each Acute Care wing in the window.  Our patients are thoroughly enjoying these.

Pieter Broere & Erin Wall – donated $2,000 with $1,000 to go towards an overhead lift and $1,000 to go towards tables in Area 1 in Continuing Care
Don and Shirley McFadyen’s family donated $10,000 in their memory for Overhead Lifts.
Diane Mitchell’s family donated $7,000 in her memory towards and overhead lift in Area 3.
Dr. George Boorman – $1,000 for Overhead Lifts.
Karen Kirk donated $2,000 for Overhead Lifts.
Susan Grieshaber-Ott donated $2,500 in Severin Iseli’s memory for a Therapy Surface Mattress.
Penn West Drives Home Bus Campaign – July 2012

Once again, Penn West Exploration has stepped up for health care in Rimbey, demonstrating their continued commitment to a healthy community with a $25,000.00 donation in response to a proposal put forth by David Thompson Health Trust.

Penn West’s generous gift has been made in support of the Continuing Care Resident Bus Campaign at the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre. The new bus will continue to provide opportunities for continuing care residents to stay active and remain connected to the community, ensuring an enhanced quality of life.

Colleen Connolley, Site Manager of the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre, is very grateful for the support shown through this donation. “It is with deep and heartfelt gratitude that we can say thank you to Penn West for their generous donation to the Resident Bus Campaign. They recognized the need and responded to the opportunity to positively impact the residents in our Continuing Care Centre. This donation will assist tremendously with the purchase of the new resident bus that will enable the residents to remain connected to the community they lived in and loved. Their social wellbeing will be enhanced as a result,” says Colleen, on behalf of the Rimbey Health Services Donation Committee who worked with David Thompson Health Trust to submit the proposal for this donation.

This isn’t the first time Penn West has responded to a need at the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre. Just 8 short months ago, the company donated $10,000 in support of a portable ultrasound machine for the emergency room; a piece of equipment that is now in operation at the Hospital.

Dean Norstrom, Production Foreman with Penn West, explains “Penn West Exploration provides funding to organizations and initiatives that positively contribute to the health and well-being of individuals and communities in which we work.” By supporting both the ultrasound campaign and now the resident bus campaign, they have without a doubt helped to improve health care in Rimbey.

Thank you Penn West – You have made a difference!


New Ultrasound Machine – November 2011

The Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre is happy to announce the purchase of a much needed Ultrasound machine; a purchase made possible through the generous contributions made by donors in Rimbey and surrounding communities.

The new ultrasound machine will be used in the Emergency Department and will greatly enhance a physician’s ability to make a more timely and accurate diagnosis of traumas, chest pain, and abdominal pain.

Dollars raised for the diagnostic machine came in the form of general donations, memorial donations, and major gifts.

Thank you to each and every person that made a donation and helped to buy this piece of equipment – we couldn’t have done it without the generous support of the community.

We would like to acknowledge the major contributions made by Keyera, Penn West and the Rimbey Hospital Auxiliary, which allowed us to reach our goal of $50,000 even faster. Keyera’s gift of $20,000, Penn West’s gift of $10,000 and the Auxiliary’s gift of $5,000 show a strong commitment to our community and our health care, and residents of Rimbey should be proud!